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How early can I arrive for my appointment?

 We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. Please keep in mind that there may be a rental prior to.


Do I get any setup and breakdown time?

 Your setup time and breakdown time is included in your schedule time that you’ve reserved. Please note, if you book a 2-hour session, you will need 15-30 minutes to set up, 1 hour to shoot, 15-30 minutes to break down.


Where can I park?

 We have a shared parking lot. Please feel free to park in any open space.


Is the curve solid/sturdy enough to stand on?

The curve on the cyclorama is not made to support weight. You must keep off while being responsible for you and your guests.  If the team here at Vyrus Studio must ask repeatedly to not step on the curve, you will be asked to leave immediately without a refund. If there is any damage to the curve, the damage fee will start at $1,500 and then be viewed by a contractor for any additional repairs.


Can I have assistance during my rental?

  Our team prefers a hand of approach. However, we will be of assistance if you need any items or have any questions for us.


Can I request a specific color backdrop paper?

  If you would like a color we do not have, we can find the color for you. Please let us know at least 4 business days prior to the session. If we have the in stock but not up on the color backdrop system, the fee is $25; if we do not have it in stock the fee will be $100, and you will be the first to use it.


Can I smoke inside the studio?

  No, we are a smoke-free facility. Smoking Fine Starts at $250.00

Do you allow fog machines?

  We do allow the use of fog machines. Please contact us to verify the liquid being used.

Do you allow fireworks?

  No fireworks, sparklers are ok in limited quantities.


Do you allow glitter/confetti/powder?

  Large confetti are okay. Please check with us beforehand. The tubes that shoot out confetti are okay. No powder and fine glitter! Cleaning fees will be charged for powder and fine glitter starting at $50.


Do you allow animals?

  We are pet/animal friendly. We only allow dogs and cats. For all other animals please check with us first.


Can we change the color of the cyc wall?

  The wall is primarily white. If you’d like it a different color, it will be a $800 fee to repaint the area.


What if I want the cyc wall fresh/free of scuffs?

  The cyc will be painted on the 1st and 15th of the month. The closer you are to those dates, the better chance it will be a clean surface. If you want the cyc wall painted specifically for your booking, it would be a $100 fee.


Do you rent out camera equipment? Can we have equipment dropped off at the studio prior to our rental?

  Please check HERE for what we have available. If you need rental equipment, please check out Pro Gear Orlando. Please contact us directly to coordinate with all parties involved so we can make sure someone’s there to open the door. We do not sign or accept any equipment. If you have equipment that needs to be signed for, deliver to receive the item. Vyrus Studio is not responsible for your equipment in the studio.


Will there be privacy during my session?

 Of course! All sets are closed, the studio door is closed, and our team will be in the office on the other side. We have guests who come to shop on the other side occasionally. Having a boudoir set? Please let us know in advance so we can accommodate.

What if I need to reschedule my booking?

A 24-hour notice or more, we offer a one-time courtesy rescheduling at no cost. Anything less than 24 hours will not be refunded, and rescheduling will not be available. You would have to book another appointment.


Can I bring my own food or drinks, including alcohol to the studio?

  Absolutely! Please let us know prior to so we can accommodate.


Do you have a kitchen?

  We do not have a kitchen, or a kitchen set for production use.


Do you have a roll up door/ can a vehicle fit in your space?

  Yes! We do have a roll up door that can accommodate motorcycles and sports cars. Please contact us for more details.


Can I book multiple days?

  Yes! Contact us about multiple day rates!


Does the space have a changing room/changing area?

  We do not have a dedicated changing area or room. Most people change in the restroom. If you need accommodation, please contact us.


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